Excavating and digging

Our excavating and digging services are homeowner-centered. With a variety of excavation equipment, we can easily maneuver residential properties and gain access to your yard or wherever your digging needs are.

We offer excavation services in South Western Ontario using updated equipment for digging projects like foundations, property drainage, and drain tiles, as well as grading and slope stability. Our excavator ready to get your site and your project prepped, whether you’re putting in a driveway, sidewalks, retaining walls, or water features. Excavators and other heavy equipment are also very useful in simplifying and speeding up a variety of other installations.

 We understand that you, as a homeowner, need a capable excavator that is sized for compact operation. Our excavator is just that, plus it has offset boom operation, rubber tracks and a slew of other complicated engineering feats that make it the right choice for most residential landscape construction projects. Basically, this means that it can maneuver in tight spaces and tread lightly when it needs to.

Excavation Safety

We will NEVER bring in our machines and just start digging. We always identify underground utilities as a crucial first step in any excavation project. This is the only way to make certain where power lines, water lines, or gas lines may be buried underground and to ensure the safety of our crew and of course, you and your family!

If you require specific data on our excavator, see below. If this is way over your head and you just want to start on your excavation or digging project, contact us now.

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